Alice Undone
Feature Film

Partnering With: International co-production

Budget: $15 Million

Plot Synopsis: <p> X wakes in a large plush lobby. Through a mirror, her grime-stained double gives her a book of nonsense poetry, a gift which sets off a cataclysmic flood, transporting her to a dystopia Wonderland saturated with perversion, violence and madness.</p> <p>Though X is subjected to the vices and tortures of the vulgar, irascible denizens of this upside-down world, any mention of the book elicits terror. She passes through what are familiar yet re-imagined, twisted encounters with the pimp White Rabbit, the drunk Mad Hatter and the drug addicted Millipede. It all leads to the Queen  of Hearts, an imperious, cruel transvestite with a penchant for painful sexual experimentation.<br /><br />Amidst the teetering insanity, however, are beacons of hope: the Knave, a mysterious, silent benefactor, protects X at the risk of his life <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">siwss replica watch</a...

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